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Many Africas

Development, Conservation, Travel

Welcome to Many Africas. This site is mostly a blog (for now!). It was created to promote sustainable travel in sub-Saharan Africa, which both economically develops and also conserves wild, rural and marginal areas. It is a delicate triangulation. If done properly, both the people and wildlife of an area can derive huge benefits from visitors. But in an era of rapid climate change, the idea that travel is even a good thing is in question. The answer, for this website at least, is to do it infrequently and purposefully, and compensate for it massively and thoughtfully, both in our own energy consumption habits and in supporting offsetting schemes. Essentially, fly once a year at most, stay longer, travel more slowly, engage with as many people locally as possible. This may still prove to be an inadequate response to the challenges ahead, but we remain keen to hold onto the idea that travel is good for you, and for the place you visit. The aim is to cover selected regions in a handful of countries - Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa and Namibia, with more (Mozambique? Benin?) to come in future, including suggested itineraries, best-practice examples from travel operators, lodges and organisations which organise volunteers, as well as stories of people encountered along the way.


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