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In these difficult times, communities and projects which depend on tourism for their income are taking a massive financial hit, even before we consider the impact of coronavirus itself. Please consider donating to projects, large or small, in order to keep them going.


Blantyre, where I used to live, has skilled, committed but poorly-resourced healthcare workers. Please consider donating to fund the purchase of basic items which will help in the fight against coronavirus.

HELP in Malawi are a partner of the excellent Central African Wilderness Safaris, and provide an effective channel through which to sponsor a child's education.


In the Luangwa valley, which consists of an extraordinarily rich wilderness on one side of the river and a growing human population (which nevertheless continues to live harmoniously with the megafauna) on the other, the lodges, camps and tourism businesses featured on this site contribute a levy and additional funds to Project Luangwa. It is a multi-faceted whole-community uplift project funding education and healthcare. Many of its beneficiaries have returned to the valley after tertiary education in order to give back to the community.

In the northern part of the valley, Tafika lodge, run by Remote Africa safaris, also has a community fund for the surrounding community.

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